Top 5: Holistic Secrets for Radiant Skin

Kick the Habit

It’s never too late to stop nicotine usage. It’s not easy, but once you’re determined, you can do it. Studies indicate the smoking can rapidly age your skin and is one of the prime factors in accelerated skin aging. In fact, the skin of a 40-year-old smoker resembles that of a 60-year-old non-smoker. Various complex physiological pathways are affected by nicotine, but the most widely accepted theory is that chronic nicotine usage will compromise the micro-vessels of the skin, leading to poor oxygenation of cells. This results in detrimental outcomes, including impaired collagen synthesis (the skin-plumping factor), which visibly translates into sagging, wrinkled, dull, and hyper-aged skin. Another key study indicates that those who kicked the habit very early on in the game saw a significant improvements in their overall skin health, especially freshness, vibrancy, and resiliency; therefore, cessation of smoking is certainly a scientifically proven way to bring back beautiful, healthy skin non-invasively.

Trash the Junk

Junk food belongs in the trash. Sorry about my rather candid approach, but honesty is the best policy. Processed, canned, and fast foods contain heaping amounts of saturated fats, refined sugars, dyes, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals that will actually create a pool of harmful metabolites within your body. Most of these foods are nutrient poor and provide negligible amounts of the daily-recommended vitamins and minerals that are vital for proper skin cell metabolism. The skin is a direct reflection of your dietary intake. You truly are what you eat. Trash the junk and follow the rainbow. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is clear, luminous skin that defies gravity. A healthy anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich, rainbow diet will be your key to gorgeous skin and overall health (take my word for it).

Fountain of Youth

Drink plenty of water. How much exactly? It has been determined by medical experts that the adequate intake (AI) of water for an average healthy male living in a temperate climate is about 12-13 cups per day and about 8-9 cups per day for an average healthy female. Water will actually work like a powerful elixir and brilliantly detox your entire body, flushing out toxins and allowing the cellular battery to run smoothly. Water is truly the fountain of youth for our skin cells. The bulk of our skin is made of cells that contain up to 80% water. The more water you drink, the more is made available for the skin cells to soak up and become internally hydrated leading to luminous healthy skin. Make sense? This simple easy trick will work wonders not only for your skin but your entire body and detoxify your system inside out. In essence, water is truly the fountain of youth.

Hat Trick

A startling study indicates that more than 75% of facial aging can be directly linked to sun exposure. Even though the skin plays a small yet important role in vitamin D synthesis, you should know that extrinsic aging is primarily caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure, so you must take all necessary precautions and exercise sun safety if you want to avoid prematurely sun-damaged skin. Wearing natural dark-colored opaque material, a wide brimmed hat, avoiding the sun during peak hours, applying a good quality sunscreen regularly, and using UVA shields on car and home windows are just some simple skin-saving measures that will ensure radiant, healthy skin in the long run. Prevention is certainly better than the cure. No one is saying you can’t enjoy a relaxing sunny day at the beach, but just keep your hat on and practice sun safety. You will be amazed at the miraculous benefits these simple measures can have on your skin health, not to mention the money you’ll be saving by not having to undergo expensive anti-aging procedures.

Take out your China

Unfermented green tea & oolong tea are the superheroes of the tea species and will ultimately be your true savior. Green tea is brimming with substances known as polyphenols that are proven to have anti-tumor, anti-aging, and anti-UVR benefits. Be it a steaming hot mug or a refreshing glass of iced, super teas are skin elixirs from café Mother Nature. Countries where consumption of green tea is high, people have noticeably fresher and more youthful skin as compared to those who do not consume it on a regular basis. Studies indicate that green tea polyphenols exert an anti-cancer and sun-protective effect on skin cells. This is an enlightening fact, which further proves the naturally curative benefits of teas high in polyphenolic compounds. Some studies have demonstrated that topical application of skincare products containing green tea extracts may lead to photo-protection (sun protection) and reverse the signs of sun damage when used regularly. Since green tea extracts have shown to reduce inflammation and erythema (redness), it might be an excellent remedy for those suffering from sensitive, irritated, and inflamed skin. All in all, green tea is a safe and natural skin and body detoxifier that has proven benefits on the long-term health of your skin.

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