Winterize Your Skin- Easy Tips that Really Protect!

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from the dry skin dilemma, then you are not alone. Dry skin is a common, yet highly bothersome malady that can occur as a result of many different internal or external causes and often presents in a variety of forms where the common element is of course, dry skin. The commonest cause of dry skin is temperature extremes, more specifically harsh wintry climates with low humidity levels. Perhaps that is why it is popularly known as ‘winter’s itch’. As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, as we age, our skin tends to become dry (an alteration or reduction of natural oils) and sensitive, add a blast of winter air to the equation and we are left with severely dry and cracked skin that is very difficult to manage- a term known as the 7th age itch. It might or might not be accompanied by a non-itchy or itchy rash that might progress into a painful dry fissuring eczema if not properly managed.

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Top 5: Holistic Secrets for Radiant Skin

Kick the Habit

It’s never too late to stop nicotine usage. It’s not easy, but once you’re determined, you can do it. Studies indicate the smoking can rapidly age your skin and is one of the prime factors in accelerated skin aging. In fact, the skin of a 40-year-old smoker resembles that of a 60-year-old non-smoker. Various complex physiological pathways are affected by nicotine, but the most widely accepted theory is that chronic nicotine usage will compromise the micro-vessels of the skin, leading to poor oxygenation of cells. This results in detrimental outcomes, including impaired collagen synthesis (the skin-plumping factor), which visibly translates into sagging, wrinkled, dull, and hyper-aged skin. Another key study indicates that those who kicked the habit very early on in the game saw a significant improvements in their overall skin health, especially freshness, vibrancy, and resiliency; therefore, cessation of smoking is certainly a scientifically proven way to bring back beautiful, healthy skin non-invasively.

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The Hidden Power of Serums and Exfoliation

The top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis (from Greek epi, ‘on top’ and derma, ‘skin’), is one tough cookie. Thinner than paper but tougher than a rock, this multilayered, impermeable, and protective sheath protects us 24/7 from the harsh elements and maintains a critical water balance. This is the most important function of our skin, amongst many other vital functions, so don’t be fooled into thinking that everything you put on your skin gets absorbed because it simply doesn’t.

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The Natural Connection: 
Natural Products, What Do They Mean?

It is those simple pleasures that often result in profound revelations and have a tremendous impact on our overall wellbeing. Standing in the field and inhaling the fresh, earthy scents of a summer rain might trigger a joyful childhood memory. Sitting by the riverside and allowing your feet to be massaged by the flowing waters may result in a calming of the senses, being transported into a state of complete relaxation as the waves ease your worries away. Being utterly spellbound by the wondrous landscapes that decorate the Earth can inspire us to do great things in life. The connection to Mother Nature is a primeval one. We are drawn to Nature and her bounty unconsciously and instinctively. Whatever our background or culture, Nature has a profound effect upon our entire being and remains a continual source of inspiration and awe. Our connection to Nature is so natural, so perfect, and so unpretentious.

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The Beauty Code and the Psychosocial Impact: An Evidence-Based Overview

“Beauty awakens the soul to act.”
-Dante Alighieri-

Having a personable disposition and maintaining a good character are considered positive and desirable attributes of human beings in general.10 A deviation from these desirable traits will result in a tipping of the balance of social acceptability, thus alienating a person from normal society and hindering progress and social interaction. Other aspects that help people gain popularity and excel in their chosen life paths are pleasing appearance, good overall heath, and radiant, happy skin.

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