Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

Injury Recovery is Easier Than Ever

By the time you get to your 60th birthday, you may have accumulated multiple injuries in life. A man is likely to have a sports injury, possibly to the knee, and a back injury or a shoulder injury. A woman is likely to have a neck or back injury, bone loss that makes her feel weak or caused a fall, and maybe even car accident injuries that still act up when a storm is coming into town.

Your injuries are never exactly like someone else’s but there’s something that all injuries have in common: they affect the connective tissues of the body – bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and there are specific things that you can do on your own to stimulate complete healing.

7 Ways to Make Sure Those Old Injuries Heal Once and For All

Below is a list of some things you can do right now to make a dramatic difference in how your body feels, and reduce the chance that these injuries will continue to bother you. When you build up the connective tissues that are injured, they will heal! Every part of your body is able and willing to heal! Your body waits for you to provide all the nutrients that you need to bring on the healing.

  1. You’ll need extra antioxidants.
    At the site of an injury, there will always be inflammation and free radicals. Whenever you have a flare-up, it’s a sign that the inflammation and free radicals have increased. By taking anti-inflammatory nutrients such as magnesium and cat’s claw, many people notice a big difference within a few hours. By adding the antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E together, you can provide the body with enough antioxidants to mop up all the free radicals and notice a difference in a short period of time. Dosages vary from patient to patient, but 20,000 IU vitamin A, 2,000 mg vitamin C and 400 IU vitamin E are good starting doses.
  2. You’ll need plenty of protein.
    Most people may not realize that when there has been an injury, you need extra protein to heal the damaged tissues that have to be rebuilt. Your regular amount of protein in your diet often won’t be enough to stimulate healing. Adding even an extra protein shake providing 28 grams of protein or an extra serving of beef, chicken, fish, lamb, or buffalo daily gives your body the building blocks of amino acids in certain orders that are needed to stimulate repair.
  3. Supplement with the #1 strengthener of connective tissue.
    The plant that grows the fastest in the whole world is bamboo. To grow 12 inches in a day, the new plant growth has to be strong. Bamboo grows to be 15 feet tall, and if the materials to build it were not strong during the first two weeks for example, the plant would topple over when another four feet was added. The nutrient responsible for the strength of the bamboo plant is silica. Likewise, silica in your body makes your connective tissue – bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons — very strong and impervious to injuries. It’s no surprise that silica has been stripped from our soil and needs to be replaced, and if it’s low in the soil, it will be sparse in the foods you eat, too.You can add silica in the form of diatomaceous earth or fossil shell flour to your diet. It’s usually found at feed stores because it’s often given to animals in their feed. The only type that should be consumed is the USDA Food & Chemical Grade with nothing added to it at all. It should not be heated or treated with chlorine, such as what is done with pool grade diatomaceous earth. My favorite brand of this is called Perma-Guard and my patients buy it in 50-pound bags and give it out to all their friends and family members who have aches and pains once they realize how well it works. One heaping tablespoon added twice daily to water, juice, milk shakes, protein shakes or yogurt will start supplying plenty of silica to your body’s connective tissues. Look for a big difference in how your old injuries feel in one to two weeks and continue taking it long-term, as it’s a nutrient that most people are deficient in. Diatomaceous earth also helps clean out your arteries of plaque, cleans out the colon of polyps, lowers cholesterol levels, and lowers blood sugar levels too. You may need a reduction in medications that lower cholesterol, treat high blood pressure or treat diabetes in about four weeks after starting diatomaceous earth. When this happens, it’s a sign that your body is healing itself.
  4. Eat a healthy diet.
    You can do all the right things to stimulate the healing of old injuries, but if you’re still eating a diet with sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and other bad foods, you will negate all your efforts. The best way to explain a good, healthy diet is to say it starts with protein at every meal, healthy fats (butter, olive oil, avocado, coconut oil), plenty of fruits and vegetables, and some nuts, seeds, and healthy grains. Dairy products can also be healthy for most people. By eating healthy, you are providing good amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in foods to stimulate healing.
  5. Consider adding fruit and vegetable juices or capsules.
    You’ll get an extra boost in your healing of old injuries by adding juices made in your juicer (not blender). Vegetable juices are the most healing, and a 6- to 8-ounce glass of vegetable juices consumed four to five times a week does a lot for providing a huge boost of restorative nutrients. As an alternative, you can also take fruit and vegetable capsules; usually six per day is enough.
  6. Use heat and/or cold to numb pain.
    There are many new devices on the market that you can use to numb the pain you are feeling from an old injury. For example, there are healing back wraps or neck and shoulder wraps filled with buckwheat or rice granules and even herbs that relax you, increase circulation, and prevent spasms that may be set in the freezer and used as needed when your neck pain flares up. These same neck wraps may be warmed in the microwave if you feel that extra circulation to the area will do more good. Don’t neglect the healing properties of cold and heat — it’s been used successfully for centuries!
  7. Don’t forget your chiropractic visit.
    Whenever there’s been an injury to the body, it’s difficult not to have a misalignment in a joint or the spine that accompanies it. The trauma to the joint provides the force that causes the misalignment. Your best way to fix this is to let your chiropractor address it with a hands-on spinal or joint adjustment. The adjustment removes the pressure on the nerves that may be compressed, which are screaming for relief and causing you pain. With each successive adjustment the relief becomes more and more complete.

How will you get the most relief? By using as many of these methods simultaneously. However, many of my patients have only selected one or two of the strategies from this list and still received their complete healing; it just took longer to get it.

Healing is within your reach. Just take some action today and commit to a 30- to 45-day protocol. Then watch for signs of healing — they’ll come fast.

About Dr. Donna Schwontkowski:
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