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Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Under $100

Here at the BoomShop, our goal is to make your life easier—and the holiday season is no exception. Scouring the web for the perfect gifts is seriously time-consuming, which is why we’ve narrowed down our wares to the ones most likely to earn an enthusiastic “thank you!” from your nearest and dearest. So lower your holiday-related stress levels with these great gift ideas—we promise that they’ll make giving every bit as fun and easy as getting.

OXO Barware Collection

The holiday season comes hand-in-hand with entertaining, and sometimes even the best hosts and hostesses require a little help. This 11-piece bar set has everything needed to create the most exquisite cocktails, right down to the skillfully shaved citrus peel on top. And with a storage stand and cutting board, it’ll keep any surface clean and uncluttered. We’ll raise a toast to that.


The Homemade Pantry

There are a lot—a lot—of cookbooks out there, but this one really wowed us. (And we’re not the only ones—top cooking blog The Kitchn loves it too.)  Featuring recipes for all the things you eat but never thought to make yourself—think butter, breadsticks, chicken nuggets, pesto, pudding—it’s written with clear, straightforward directions and a heavy dose of humor. It’s perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or anyone who wants to amaze their friends with homemade cheese and crackers.

Pebble II Scent Diffuser

A healthier alternative to air fresheners and chemical-laced candles, this scent diffuser uses essential oils and water to freshen up a room naturally. Bundle it with a couple little jars of therapeutic oils—maybe chamomile for relaxing, ginger for waking up, or eucalyptus for clearing clogged sinuses—and your giftee can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy as well.

Every Man Jack Shave Kit

If “simplicity and efficiency” is your man’s mantra, then this shave kit deserves a spot in his medicine cabinet. A streamlined zippered bag contains everything he needs to prep for a shave: a face scrub, shaving cream, an after-shave treatment, and a lip balm. Add his favorite razor to the handy zip pocket, and he’s ready to go.

Gaiam Peony-Printed Yoga Mat

Have a devoted yogi or yogini in your life? Their yoga mat is probably years old and worn out. This stunning mat by Gaiam would be a most welcome replacement—and because it’s made by such a trusted brand, you’ll know it hasn’t sacrificed substance for style.

Contour Ceramic Massage Stone

The elegant, thoughtful design of this massage stone makes it truly stand apart. Made from heat-retaining porcelain, it feels great in the hand and can be soaked in hot or cold water for a personalized massage experience. But our favorite part is the double-sided silhouette—use it dome-side down for broad strokes, or flip it over for a deeper massage. It’s perfect for the bedside table of a spouse or special partner.

Harvest Grow Bag

Best friend got a green thumb? Help him or her use it even in the depths of winter. This indoor grow bag will satisfy a gardener all year round—and eliminate the hassle of lugging around large, heavy pots. Tomatoes in February? Yes, please.

2-Bottle Wine Tote

Picnic season may be months away, but in a month crammed with holiday parties, this wine tote will get plenty of use despite the cold weather. With a shoulder strap and sturdy canvas construction, it makes it so much easier to transport bottles of champagne or chardonnay to all the fêtes on a holiday calendar. Perfect for your favorite social butterfly.

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