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Welcome one and all to the BOOM SPOT! The online go-to spot for baby boomers to live, learn and love life more than ever today.  We subscribe to the motto “We are not aging, we are booming™”, and there is no better place to be then with friends who can appreciate the many experiences we boomers have already gone through, while embracing the journey that lies ahead of us. This is the spot where we will share stories, experiences, journeys, articles and information that will educate, inspire and celebrate baby boomers.

About Team BoomShop:
At theBoomShop.com, we seek to simplify your life, enhance your well-being, and make your every day a little easier. We do this by searching the world for products that make life more comfortable, convenient, and stylish—and then putting them at your fingertips on our easy-to-browse online shop built specifically for Baby Boomers. We invite you to join our online community of Boomers by bookmarking the BoomSpot blog, following us on Twitter, or finding us on Facebook.
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